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21/03/2021 20:00 - 22:00
Online Over the Rainbow -stand up show in English

21.03. Online “Over the Rainbow” -stand up show in English u 20:00h

Dear English speaking audience all over the world, we present to you an amazing project from three great LGBT comedians – Over the Rainbow stand up show.
The show is in English and it is online so you can join us in this hillarious event wherever you are and enjoy the laughter from the comfort of your home.
Scott, Martina and Marina will make you laugh with their best jokes on the LGBT subjects. Their descriptions are below.
When you see these three together in a line up, and you love a good laughter and the subject, the only thing left for you to do is click on the buy ticket link and join us online 14.3. at 8pm.
Entry fee is 7,5eur
Number of tickets is limited due to tehnical reasons. One ticket is valid for the entire household not for one person. There are active and pasive tickets. Active mean that we can hear you and see you and we need that for the good atmosphere and the pasive mean that we do not hear or see you but you still enjoy the show.
We can’t wait ❤
Scott Capurro (USA/UK)
Scott, reared in San Francisco, admires his home so much that he spreads Frisco love all over the UK. He wants Britain to be Great again. Or America to be Great Britain again. In 1994 miraculously won the Perrier Award with his magical solo show Risk Gay, an installation/performance happening chronicling the power of wind, when, climaxing in chiffon, Scott mimed a glittering chime. Scott developed his signature eye twitch while chasing gay sheep around Montana, where male-on-male action is limited to animal pens. I know. HAWT! The result, The Truth About Gay Animals, has been an internationally televised hit even in Israel, consequently resulting in death threats. Scott has written for several newspapers including The Guardian, The Times and the Scotsman; and for various magazines like The Index on Censorship, which isn’t half as stuffy as it sounds. Kidding. It actually is.
Martina Ipša (SLO)
Martina is one of the pioneers of the stand up comedy scene in Slovenia and is one of the best and most known Slovenian comics. Her unique comedic voice that is always critical and original is popular with audiences wherever she performs, and instantly becomes a hit. In her 14 years of stand up, she has performed more than 1500 times and in 3 languages and at all the biggest comedy festivals in the region. She is not only a stand up comic but has also written numerous plays for theatre, has created three TV shows and is a regular guest on Slovenian TV and radio shows. She was also one of the performers of Stand up & More that has aired on Comedy Central Extra.
Marina Orsag (CRO)
Marina is the pioneer of croatian stand up comedy , creator of stand up comedy scene in Croatia and one of the best comedians in the Balkans. She has more than 3500 performances in her feet and she performed in more than 10 countries and in more than 20 comedy festivals all over the region and also Leicester comedy festival.
She also got some awards in her carrier:
1. Adria Comedy Awards -Best female adria stand up comedian 2013
2. LENT Festival – first prize by audience choice 2014
3. Winner of Jokenation competition for Continental Europe and Russia 2015
4. European hero of humor 2018
She performed and has been a guest in many TV shows, as well as on Comedy Central Extra and Your face sounds familiar.
But if we step back from the serious description, Marina is an eternal Peter Pan and someone who takes you on a hilarious trip with an amazing amount of positive energy.