Stand up in English with Derrek Carriveau & Josip Škiljo

Saturday, 08.09.2018.
ULAZNICA 40,00 kn
Škiljo Josip
Predstava je prošla...

The Derrek Carriveau is an American performer living in Wroclaw, Poland. He is a stand-up comedian, voice-over actor, and podcaster. Known for his whiskey-warm voice, martini-dry wit, and over reliance on alcohol metaphors, Derrek’s mix of introspection and observation has delighted audiences all over Central Europe.

Now, he is hitting the road behind “Heartbreaker,” his 5th headline show. In “Heartbreaker” Carriveau explores the indignities of getting old, the indelicacies of advertising, and the indestructibility of music, among other topics, with all the wit, wordplay, and wrong-doings you expect from The Derrek Carriveau. Don’t break your own heart by missing this show!

Josip Škiljo is 35, meaning he was a member of the last generation of Tito’s pioneers. Tito was not impressed, because he was dead by that time. His first stand-up experience was on an open mic night in Split in 2015. Today he is a resident comedian in the only Croatian Comedy Club “Studio smijeha”. He suffers from chronic sleep-deprivation so he often falls asleep at the bar in the middle of the conversation. His life goal is not to achieve the “American dream”, but the “Dalmatian dream” – doing absolutely nothing!
Entry fee: 40kn

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