Best of 2017 – In English!

Srijeda, 17.01.2018.
40 kn
Lončar Miranda
Orsag Marina
Škiljo Josip
Predstava je prošla...

For a long time, tourists and expats in Zagreb are asking us when can they hear Croatian comedians in English. We have finally assembled three great comedians that are fluent in English to present their best of jokes translatable in foreign language.

Marina OrsagSaša TurkovićJosip ŠkiljoMiranda Loncar and Eva Virc will be the ones to make you laugh and introduce Croatian comedy scene to foreigners.

Entry fee: 40kn
Info and reservations: or 095 5103 129.

Marina Orsag – a big child in a little grown up person. Eternal Peter Pan and someone who feeds on audience laughter. She is aware of the fact that if she wouldn’t perform as a stand up comedian, she would have big mental problems. Now she just has small ones.

At the beginning of 2012, Marina received an invitation from London to perform at the international conference for stand-up comedians as the first representative from Croatia. In addition to London, she also performed in Budapest, Amsterdam, Sofia and Barcelona.

Adria Comedy Awards -Best female adria stand up comedian 2013
LENT Festival – first prize by audience choice 2014
Winner of Jokenation competition for Continental Europe and Russia 2015

Josip Škiljo – English professor who works as a radio host and a stand up comedian making audience laugh live or through the radio waves. He has an amazing survival rate cause he often says very ridiculuos things and stays alive. He wants to achieve not an american but a dalmatian dream – doing nothing.

Saša Turković – The oldest (in age not stand up experience) resident comedian of Studio Smijeha … he tells his jokes really fast cause he senses he doesn’t have a lot of time left.

Father of three (at least in official documentation) children that he frequently mentions in his performances regardless to their constant begging not to.

During the day he runs his own company and in the evening he performs as a stand up comedian. He lies to his wife that he is going to a therapy for water in his knees.