Friends Pub Quiz s09 & s10

Tuesday, 22.01.2019.
KOTIZACIJA PO TIMU (4 osobe) 80,00 kn
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Pub quizzes have been a very popular type of events at our club recently and we have been doing Friends for a year now and it is time for S09 and S10. After, we will start from the beginning for all of you that didn’t manage to get your seat the first time around.

We are all familiar with the popular TV show about the six friends – and this quiz will be the perfect opportunity to show how much of a die-hard fan you really are, and how much do you really know about the 8th season of Friends.

In the break we gonna have fun with ten minutes stand up in Englsih by Marina Orsag, since the quiz is in English.

The participation fee is 80kn per team: teams must have at least two members and no more than four.

The previous quizzes were sold out in just a few days so register your team as soon as possible; or you could lose your spot before you manage to say “How you doin’?”

There are no reservations but tickets can be bought online or physically at Studio Smijeha’s counter (between 19-21h on days when there is a show).

Prizes are:
1. prize ClueGo Escape Room Zagreb gift card for 4 players
2. prize 4 Lush Croatia gift bags
3. prize 4 mugs from Puro Amor – Design