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01/07/2022 19:30 - 22:00

01.07. FRIENDS PUB QUIZ – Special edition Best of all seasons @ Industry concept bar u 19:30

How you doin’? There is no one on Earth that hasn’t ever seen at least one episode of the popular sitcom about six friends living in the big apple – Friends! But there are some of us that have seen the show over and over and over again! They don’t know that we know they know we know it is the best show ever!
If lines like “oh my God!”, “Smelly Cat” and “Pivot” are more than just words, this is the quiz you’ve been looking for. Gather your best friends and fans of this sitcom and get ready to show us how big of a fan you are.
In this Quiz you can participate in teams of 2 to 4 people and together you will give your best and answer everything you know about the popular sitcom. On this occasion, we are having a special edition about the whole sitcom, and the questions are very specific, so as many details you know, the better it is. Now you even have a reason to watch the show all over again!
Studio Smijeha organizes this quiz at a new location, Industry concept bar. We can accept a limited number of groups, so it is better to make a reservation for your team as soon as you can. Host is Dragitza Raštegorac Grubišić.
1st place: Friends mugs by Puro Amor
2nd place: Lush self care pack
3rd place: 4 tickets to Studio Smijeha Comedy show
The cost of participation is 100kn for each team (2 to 4 contestants).
You can reserve place for your team by email on ulaznice@studiosmijeha.hr or by sms at +385 99 354 7218. Reservations are valid until 20 minutes before the quiz.
See you there!